New beginning, fresh perspectives

In 2012, the first Dutch newspaper, NRC, found its way to iPhone and iPad via Twipe Mobile Publishing Platform. Development was done in a couple of weeks, as it leaned on our expertise to bring publishing content very fast on a wide variety of mobile devices. The complete newspaper is available now in a digital format. PDF browsing is one option, the other option makes it more suitable for iPad and divides the screen in an article overview and content column. Font size can be adapted as well for better readability.

Discover now NRC Handelsblad and on your smartphone.

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About NRC

As a Netherlands-based publisher of the daily newspapers NRC Handelsblad and as well as the online news site and a number of apps. The publications provide a high-quality and international editorial environment covering an extensive range of topics: Economy, Career, Luxury & Lifestyle, Art & Culture, Travel, Sport and many more. While considered one of the best Dutch national quality newspapers, NRC sees itself as the most internationally oriented media in the Netherlands. They even have recorded a monthly reach of more than one million readers through print media and 4.5 million visitors through digital media.

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