June 30, 2022

Aachener Zeitung getting to know their audience through EngageReaders

About Aachener Zeitung

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Aachener Zeitung is published by Medienhaus Aachen together with its sister paper the Aachener Nachrichten. With 15 local titles, both daily newspapers have a circulation of over 83,000 in the Aachen region. Since 2017, Aachener Zeitung has been using Twipe’s ePaper analytics technology EngageReaders. The tool has quickly become an integral part of the team’s daily work. 

The path to Engage Readers

For several years, Aachener Zeitung have been focusing on digital business and have therefore invested almost exclusively in digital products. The newsroom alongside the entire organisation within the publishing house has been digitalised and the number of digital subscribers is increasing every year. 

EngageReaders was the first toe in the water for us. It worked well and still works well because the ePaper is a product that is closer to the normal editorial office. This means that dealing with data in the ePaper, seeing what has been read, was a first bridge for an editorial team that was still very print-heavy.   

Ulrich Kutsch, Head of Digital Development at Aachener Zeitung

Early on, Aachener Zeitung recognised the importance of data and EngageReaders was one of their first projects in this direction. With the support of Google DNI Funding, EngageReaders provides useful insights into ePaper usage on a daily basis. Through predictive analytics, EngageReaders identifies above-average and below-average performing articles and highlights Hidden Gems. 

A simple use

EngageReaders is used every day at Aachener Zeitung for their daily conference. Each morning the previous day’s edition is discussed and heatmaps clearly show how the different articles performed. They do this by comparing the time predicted by EngageReaders for each article with the actual time spent reading. In addition, daily mails inform Aachener Zeitung about the most important statistics and data from the previous edition.  

Ulrich Kutsch, Head of Digital Development at Aachener Zeitung sees the advantage of EngageReaders above all in the proximity to the print product and the editorial team. With the evaluation of the usage time data, it has been possible to see the popularity of the ePaper and how intensively it is used. 

Aachener Zeitung and Twipe are looking to a joint future

At Twipe, we are always focused on supporting our customers on their way to more digital subscribers and the monetisation of their content. We look forward to welcoming Aachener Zeitung to our e-paper platform and working together on the further development of data usage.   

What I also like about Twipe is the way they think ahead and accompany industry trends. It is really helpful when we get a transfer of know-how.  

Ulrich Kutsch, Head of Digital Development at Aachener Zeitung

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