Aachener Zeitung

Actionable insights

Aachener Zeitung was one of five launch partners to start with EngageReaders, our ePaper analytics technology. 

Supported by Google DNI, EngageReaders provides daily actionable insights on content and composition of digital editions. Through predictive modelling, EngageReaders identifies Overperforming and Underperforming articles and highlights Hidden Gems.

“EngageReaders gives an overview of how different topics perform. This is a really important point for us. We are using it in the editorial team in order to decide where to put our effort.”

Ulrich Kutsch, Chief Digital Officer at Aachener Zeitung

Thanks to the clear heatmaps, everyone at Aachener Zeitung is able to see in a glance how each article is performing. The marketing and sales teams are also using these insights in order to better target specific reader cohorts.

Easy integration

EngageReaders can be easily integrated in existing third-party apps, which is what Aachener Zeitung did. Working with our team of developers, they were able to integrate EngageReaders within a matter of days to their Webapps, iOS apps, and Android apps.

Listen to Ulrich Kutsch, Chief Digital Officer at Aachener Zeitung, explain just how they are using EngageReaders:

About Aachener Zeitung

A strong regional publisher, Zeitungsverlag Aachen publishes both Aachener Zeitung and Aachener Nachrichten, daily newspapers in Aachen, Germany. With 17 local editions, the two titles have a circulation of more than 100,000 in the Aachen region.