August 31, 2020

The Daily Telegraph: premium digital edition experience with the new Twipe NextGen

Twipe was chosen as the innovation partner by The Telegraph to collaborate on the relaunch of their edition app. The edition app is the full, daily edition of The Telegraph newspaper, delivered to subscriber.

The new digital edition was released progressively to readers starting in Q1 2020. Since then we have collected impressions from the readers exposed, carefully listened to their feedback, and further improved specific features in the digital edition. 

At Twipe, we are proud to be part of the design, development and daily delivery of this strategic product and are honoured that the team at The Telegraph relies on our technology as part of their digital growth. 

“We managed to build a very strong relationship with Twipe and to me it’s very important that you and your partner work as a team. That was absolutely key to the success of the project.”

Mathias Douchet, Product Director at The Telegraph

Key takeaway 

  • 30 new beautiful templates designed to match the brand identity of The Telegraph 
  • Elegant reading experience with engaging interactive puzzles  
  • 30% growth in daily active users  

“Newspaper re-born” 

To better understand how readers perceive the new app, including its layout and features, a survey was conducted among more than 400 readers. Almost 90% of the readers found the overall experience to be better or the same as before. More than 30% of the readers found higher satisfaction in things such as the look and feel of the pages, ease of use, text readability, layout of images and content layout. One reader declared the new app to be a “newspaper re-born”, explaining that as a “news freak” this is the best app he’s tried. 

The Telegraph’s daily edition is not only a collection of articles, but it’s an entire print-like experience brought to the reader…and it’s quite unique!

Danny Lein, CEO & Founder at Twipe

We are proud to see that in the few months since launch, The Daily Telegraph saw an increase of 30% in their daily active users. Frequency and daily habitual behaviour is a key metric for the team at The Telegraph so this has been a great initial result to see.

A truly digital-first experience with beautifully designed templates 

Based on a set of 30 carefully designed templates, The Telegraph’s digital edition is now built daily using the Twipe NextGen technology. The templates strongly reflect the brand identity of The Telegraph and are enriched with elements that highlight the edition structure and composition including section fronts with teased articles, live sports results and book reviews.

Enhanced scannability for easy navigation

To allow The Telegraph’s readers to easily navigate the 180 articles published on average every day, the team has co-designed the page cards navigation. Through a simple and sleek interface, readers can navigate the entire publication using card previews and sections. 

The importance of interactive puzzles  

Industry research has confirmed the importance of puzzles and games in increasing engagement levels and habitual behaviour. NextGen technology allows easy integration of interactive puzzles that can be played directly inside the publication, making them a part of the reading experience and a tool to generate loyal subscribers.

Easy edition creation with Twipe NextGen Publishing Tools 

One of the problems the team at The Telegraph was looking to solve was simplifying the edition creation process. The ease of article creation, the possibility to collaborate among authors and the flexible preview function were some of the features that the team was looking for. With Twipe’s NextGen Publishing Tools, we were able to address these needs. We engaged in a collaboration journey to further develop the tools in order to address the additional requirements of The Telegraph’s editorial teams.

Agile development for powerful collaboration 

The collaboration between the two teams was a key factor in success. We applied principles of agile development and design thinking to enable fast feedback loops between Twipe and The Telegraph to the point that the distinction between provider and customer was not felt by either team.

The bi-weekly sprint goal setting, daily stand-ups and small intermediate deliveries allowed us to quickly align on priorities and to iteratively involve stakeholders from both parties as well as panels of readers in the design process. This was of crucial importance to learn fast and improve the end result. 

Several workshops with the whole team in Leuven and London helped us define the next packages of work together and understand the implications for the different parts of the business involved. 

Strategic collaboration for accelerated product innovation 

The new digital edition is the result of one year of close collaboration between the product teams at The Telegraph and Twipe. While this new version brings a refreshed reading experience and navigation to The Telegraph’s readers, their editorial team is also very pleased to have an easy to use edition creation tool. This product collaboration also serves as the foundation for the 4th generation of Twipe’s platform. 

Co-development is part of our DNA. Strong partnerships allow us to tackle the problems that matter the most for our partners, and to validate the solutions we are designing together.

Matthieu Dubois, Head of Product at Twipe 

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