February 6, 2020

De Tijd & L'Echo

Get your financial news wherever you are

On January 2020 we welcomed on our platform De Tijd and L’Echo, the two most famous financial newspapers in Belgium. Subscribers of these newspapers can now enjoy reading each edition via the Twipe WebApps Touch. This is a highly mobile optimised product to allow a flawless reading experience across devices and easy accessibility to readers on the fly.

Gif WebApp_Mobile

Attention to Design Details

The two WebApps are styled and customised according to the brand identity of De Tijd and L’Echo. From fonts to layout we take care of every single detail to make your visual identity stand out.

Easy to Discover

Distributing the editions through WebApps gives De Tijd and L’Echo the advantage of easy discoverability. Readers can access the WebApp from social media or websites without downloading an app. With our advanced sharing features subscribers can share articles within their networks favouring further readers acquisition.

Agile Delivery

Setting up De Tijd and L’Echo on the Twipe Platform was done through agile development granting fast execution and flexibility. This allowed the project to be delivered in less than a month.

Get in Touch

If you want to know more about Twipe technology platform and how it can help your newspaper growing its audience, contact our team. We will soon be in touch to schedule a live demonstration of our products.

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