February 24, 2021

DuMont engages readers with ePapers and analytics

About Dumont

Founded in 1620, DuMont is one of the largest and oldest German publishing groups. Currently, DuMont have an offering of 3 newspaper titles, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, Kölnische Rundschau, and Express, available on Twipe‘s Replica platform.

Thriving through EngageReaders

DuMont benefit from Twipe’s EngageReaders analytics platform. By using EngageReaders, the product team at DuMont get exclusive insight on their product. This helps them to see if things are running as expected on their platforms. It also helps the team at DuMont to spot any particular issues that may crop up with their ePaper.

At DuMont, the tool also plays a key role for the editorial team. Editorial staff regularly use the EngageReaders dashboard to explore the reading habits of their readers. This gives editorial staff insight into which topics have been particularly successful and which have not. This includes the ability to spot “hidden gem” articles, articles that have been highly read, but not easily discovered. By using these tools, the editorial team can then better plan what topics should go out in future editions.

Identifying Readers@Risk

DuMont pair the EngageReaders data with our Readers@Risk churn prediction module. This allows them to identify medium and high risk subscribers and permits them to take action before a reader cancels. By using Reader@Risk, DuMont send push notifications to at-risk readers in an attempt to get them to engage with the ePaper.

Once they have done this, the team at DuMont implement this data within their CRM. In doing so, they are able to work with this data to reach out to these at-risk customers. Readers@Risk helps customers get the most out of their subscription and is a very powerful tool at DuMont.

We send regular push notifications to at-risk readers. People with a high or medium risk are pushed, and we try to get them to use the ePaper.

Stefan Hagel – DuMont

ePaper strategy

12 years ago at DuMont, the ePaper was seen as an unimportant product with a small target group. The ePaper now plays a key role in their digital strategy. Through new features, the ePaper has certain advantages for customers, including practicality and early access to the edition, which has helped to enlarge their target group.

This change in mindset has seen DuMont engage readers by marketing their ePaper in a similar way to their printed edition. Not only has this better helped subscribers to engage more frequently with the paper, but it has also helped their readers to feel more comfortable with the product that they are reading. At DuMont, as long as their subscribers are reading their product, they are happy.

A reliable partner for innovation

Collaboration and partnership are of paramount importance for Twipe and their customers. Twipe have been proactive in finding new ways that DuMont can increase their subscribers and help them with their customers’ demands.

Following an internal survey with their ePaper readers, in 2021, Twipe and DuMont will work closely in co-development to create the latest version of their Replica ePaper app on the Twipe platform. This version of apps is being developed in line with other launch partners, but expectations have been met across the board. This has helped to save money and give an equal understanding between all launch partners.

“I would recommend Twipe as an innovation partner because they allow us to experiment, develop and change quickly. This gives us peace of mind and helps us to focus more on engaging readers through our products.”

Stefan Hagel, DuMont

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