February 5, 2020

Luxemburger Wort

Reading Experience Tailored to your Subscribers Preferences

Luxemburger Wort migrated their mobile Apps and Webapp to Twipe’s Replica + NextGen platform in November 2019. The Replica solution is a 1:1 digital version of the print edition of the Luxemburger Wort while our NextGen solution allows to publish the same content in a mobile optimised experience. All in one app and with a completely automatised workflow.

Luxemburger Wort’s readers can choose between the classic ePaper view or the mobile optimised version with just one click, therefore increasing audience reach and reader engagement.

In the NextGen version, the articles appear in “full-screen mode” and the edition can be enriched with multimedia content such as image galleries and videos. All images of an article can also be viewed individually as a gallery. This opens up a comfortable reading experience, especially on tab

The publication can be read “article by article” by simply swiping or it can be quickly navigated through the slider at the bottom of the screen to look for articles across sections. 

Luxemburger e-Paper
1:1 Replica Edition
Lux-Wort_NextGen Front
NextGen Edition

In-app Kiosk

Business Results

In less than 3 months on our platform, we have witnessed a constant growth in the number of active users for Luxemburger. This is one of the key metrics to keep into consideration when measuring readers’ engagement and there is a direct correlation between the quality of your ePaper and the formation of a reading habit. Luxemburger Wort has created a product that is able to be consumed across platforms with minimum friction, thus resulting in increased usage and engagement from their readers.

Growth in number of active users for Luxemburger Wort

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