Key takeaways from an inspiring tour in Silicon Valley


Read this magazine and learn more in depth about the technological trends and about the Valley. I hope these notes can also serve for you as an inspiration!

Together with 30 entrepreneurs, key executives and financial experts I participated at the Day After Tomorrow Tour in Silicon Valley from October 17 till October 21st 2016. These five days were packed with company visits and presentations in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The tour was organised by Peter Hinssen and Steven Van Belleghem from nexxworks.

unknownMy key interest was to discover what makes Silicon Valley special and unique. I also wanted to find out which technologies or new developments are on the horizon. The tour was an opportunity to meet with like-minded participants.

One of the central themes was the importance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In almost every presentation, this topic was covered or touched upon. Autonomous and self-learning systems will determine to a large extent our future. New digital currencies will enable micro-payments and the exchange of new types of goods and services. Advances in 3D manufacturing technology will transform the make-industry significantly.

The various visits provided tons of food for thought. Read here some of the most inspiring quotes.

“Instead of selling 1000 BMW’s, we want to sell 1 BMW a thousand times”, Harald Krüger – Chairman of the Board, BMW

What makes Silicon Valley unique, besides the beautiful weather? I have identified 4 distinct and mutually reinforcing elements:

  1. The abundance of capital
  2. Top notch entrepreneurial talent
  3. 2 leading universities which attract top technology talent
  4. The Silicon Valley spirit and willingness to change the world.

The four factors can probably each of them individually be copied in other parts of the world. However, combining them and organizing them in a virtuous circle, is very difficult, if not impossible. Nevertheless, for everyone working as an entrepreneur, or building a new product line, visiting the Valley is a great source of inspiration.

Learn now about the Day After Tomorrow.

‘Dream Big. Start Small. Learn Fast.’


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