Digital Media Europe – 5 Key Insights of the first day

Today more than 200 participants of the Digital Media Europe conference heard many interesting cases and strategies for newspaper publishers. We have selected for you best insights of today.

1. “It’s not about mobile first, it’s about humans first”
Rebecca Miskin (Digital Strategy Director, Hearst Magazines UK)

When designing digital products, we need to focus on the humans reading and consuming these products, not primarily on the channel. Mobile will be ubiquitous in any case.

2. “In order to survive newspaper publishers need to access the large adjacent markets”
Alceo Rapagna (Chief Digital Officer,  RCS Media Group, Italy)

Digital ad and subscription revenues will not be sufficient. New sources of revenues need to be tapped into. Smart integration of e-Commerce is a key priority for RCS.

3. “Do you have a data policy?”
Ben Christensen (Vice President Digital, Amedia, Norway)

Publishers should be aware that if they share their advertising space with external providers and networks, they are also sharing very valuable information with these networks. Amedia has a very clear and strict data policy, which it has rolled out across Norway.

4. “Subscriptions is about billing, memberships is about emotions”
Lucia Adams (Deputy Head of Digital, The Times, UK) 

Digital engagement drives (print) retention. Research indicates a very strong correlation between engagement and churn rate reduction. The Times has launched several initiatives to drive engagement: a new team has been established, a separate print magazine is launch, new subscribers are called quickly after taking the subscription,…

5. “38% of readers are digital outsiders, and will most likely never go digital”
Gregor Waller (Principe Associate Consultant, WAN IFRA Germany) 

Print is not dead. A large portion of the readers will most likely never adopt digital products as they feel very insecure about all aspects of digital life.


Danny Lein
Twipe Founder & CEO

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