End of the ad-free world, Twitter dominance and INMA Conference Notes: 5 stories from last week

This week’s Twipe Weekly Publishing News Digest takes a look at stories from across the world of publishing, touching on topics like the end of the ad-free world, why Twitter is still the dominant platform, notes from INMA’s Innovation conference and more. Read our top 5 stories of the week below.

1. The era of ad-free publishing is ending

Ad-free publishing is coming to an end. We discussed this in a recent Future of News blog post and I even noticed it this week on my Athletic app. In a piece on his newsletter, Simon Owens dives into the detail of The Athletic‘s adoption of apps and explores why ads for publishers are now making a comeback in the digital sphere.

Read the full piece here.

2. After 260 journalism innovation grants, Google has decided smaller and quicker is better

Murmurings have been around for weeks that Facebook plan to scale back their investments in innovative journalism projects, but Google seem to be holding strong, albeit with an adjusted approach. Rick Edmonds of Poynter takes a look at why Google have decided that providing smaller and quicker grants is best for them.

Find the full insights on Poynter here.

3. 5 takeaways from INMA’s Media Innovation Conference

Last weeks, media figures from across the world descended on Copenhagen for INMA‘s Media Innovation Conference at a much appreciated in person event. Joining the media figures were our very own CEO Danny Lein along with Riccardo Fredro. What did they learn?

Find out here.

4. The kaleidoscope: tracking young people’s relationships with news

Younger audiences of course have well documented differing relationships with the news. Reuters commissioned a new report to explores these by interviewing 72 people aged 18–30 (24 per country) in Brazil, the UK, and the US. Dr Kirsten Eddy digests their findings on the Reuter’s Institute blog.

Get the full article here.

5. For media publishers, Twitter still dominates on social

Source: Axios

Whilst publishers are busy discussing tactics for TikTok, Instagram and more, Twitter is still keeping its head above the water. For media publishers in the US, AxiosSara Fischer and Kerry Flynn found that Twitter is still the place where media publishers collectively have the largest audiences. Why does it matter?

Axios tells you here.


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