Engage Readers now live in 5 newsrooms

EngageReaders live in 5 newsrooms

We are proud to share with you that 5 Launch Partners are now using EngageReaders in their newsroom. 9 more newspapers are rolling out the technology in the coming weeks.

Aachener Zeitung integrated EngageReaders in their own publishing platform.  Het Nieuwsblad, De Limburger, L’Avenir and La Montagne upgraded their Twipe Digital Publishing Solution with the new EngageReaders module. We are glad to welcome all of them on board! 🎉🎉🎉

Supported by Google DNI, EngageReaders provides the newsroom and product managers daily insights on content and composition of their digital editions. Through predictive modelling, EngageReaders identifies Overperforming and Underperforming articles and highlights Hidden Gems.

In addition to predicting and measuring time, EngageReaders uniquely measures reader satisfaction for each edition. Segmentation of readers according to their behaviour lays the foundation for a more engaging product offering.

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About EngageReaders

Predicting and measuring time on articles

Every time an article is published, a predictive model calculates the average time viewers are expected to spend reading it, based on several of its attributes: How long is it? Where is it located in the edition? Does it have pictures? Publishing is an ever-evolving environment, so machine learning ensures this model remains up-to-date.

EngageReaders then records how many viewers look at each article, and how much time they spend on it; giving an accurate measure of the average reading time. We provide editors and digital managers with easy to understand dashboards with the goal of providing useful data that can be integrated in the daily workflow. Not there yet? Use EngageReaders to introduce your editorial team to the use of data and transform your Newsroom.

The next step? Compare theory to practice, and rate the article.

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Measuring Reader Satisfaction

Twipe started with this easy equation: time spent on publication + positive affect = reader engagement. We have just seen how to evaluate the time spent. But how do you measure positive affect?

To answer this, we led a research project with the University of Leuven, and outfitted a panel of readers with sensors, tracking device interaction, posture, pupil movement, heart rate, blood pressure, and asking users for feedback on content. The Net Promoter Score gives you qualitative feedback of your editions.

Highlighting Hidden Gems and rewarding Top Performers

IMG_4645           IMG_4646

The great thing about data is that once you collected it, there are hundreds of ways to analyse it. We selected the two best for publishers. Hidden Gems and Awards.

A “Hidden Gem” is an article which was opened by a limited number of readers, but those who opened it loved it. Think about it, maybe the next similar article will deserve better placement! That’s how user data can help you build a better newspaper.

We also integrated an awards system. With it, every time an article reaches a special milestone (most time spent on a “news” article, most openings, etc.). Now you can also know when you’re at your best.



Team Twipe

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