Five stories for newspapers innovating for the future

#1. Three lessons from The New York Times’ subscription machine

“It’s good to have engaged readers, but converting them into subscribers is the important next step. This is something The New York Times has struggled with: while their engaged reader base has been growing, their conversion into subscribers isn’t growing as fast.” Read More

#2. Who pays for online news?

“From this study we can see that there is hope for the enduring funding challenge for news publishers. New streams of revenue will need to be developed, with publishers focusing on what motivates readers to pay: quality journalism, with a convenient reading experience.” Read More

#3. Machine learning: what our tech team wants you to know

“News UK is working on a machine learning project with us at Twipe. ‘JAMES, your digital butler’ will use machine learning to gradually get to know the habits, interests, and preferences of readers. He will expose them to relevant content in editions–current and past–in readers’ preferred formats, channels, times, and frequencies.” Read More

#4. Audio: best practices for a new frontier

“European publishers should take a cue from the US to be sure they are prepared. One report forecasts a compound annual growth rate of 57% for smart speaker adoption in Europe, leading to 36% of all European homes having a smart speaker by 2021.” Read More

#5. Getting in your readers’ daily routines

“One of the key essentials for newsrooms is the need to publish at the convenience of your audience, not because of the deadline. Ouest-France identified a change in reader behaviour with new moments of consumption, so they created a whole new product to fit into their readers’ daily routines: L’Edition du Soir.” Read More

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