Insights from the downfall of Artifact, Trust in UK Media down, Guardian raises record revenue in the US, Schibsted’s success with audio and how to fight news avoiders with positive news : Twipe’s Weekly Digest

Today we’re exploring insights from the downfall of Artifact, how trust in UK Media is down, The Guardian raising record revenue in the US, Schibsted’s success with audio and how to fight news avoiders with positive news. Welcome to Twipe’s weekly news digest.

1. What do digital news platforms need to reach financial sustainability? Insights for publishers

New ventures find it particularly challenging to carve a space in an already competitive niche. In recent weeks, both Artifact and The Messenger have made headlines for the wrong reasons. In this piece we explore how digital news platforms can reach financial sustainability.

Read the full article with Twipe.

2. Trust in media: UK drops to last place in Edelman survey of 28 nations

he UK saw the biggest drop in trust in the media and was the least-trusted out of 28 countries surveyed for the latest Edelman Trust Barometer.

Read the full report by Press Gazette

3. How The Guardian raised a record amount of reader revenue in the U.S.

Earlier this month, The Guardian U.S. announced that its end-of-year drive brought in $2.2 million, a record amount of reader revenue since its first appeal six years ago. (The figure was 25% more than the previous record.)

Read the full story at Nieman Lab

4. Schibsted finds success with AI audio

Schibsted News Media has a reputation for consistently delivering excellence through innovative product strategies. Notably, the group is renowned for its fearless transition to a digital-first publishing model, making early investments in video, and nimble experimentation with paywalls and new revenue models.

Most recently, Schibsted turned to audio as a way to deepen engagement with its journalism, fit into new routines, and attract younger audiences.

Read about Schibsted’s audio success with INMA

5. CEO of Positive News on fighting news avoidance

Positive News is a non-profit constructive news website which has just launched a three month campaign to get its content straight to the public. The non-profit news organisation advertises its constructive stories in UK high streets and shopping centres to reach audiences where they are.

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