L’avenir launches NextGen app


The Belgian regional newspaper L’avenir has just released its new mobile optimized version of its daily newspaper. This new format is available for all 9 regional editions. NextGen is optimized for mobile devices and provides a more comfortable way of reading.

More comfortable reading

The new beautiful design and carefully developed templates offer a stepstone improvement for ePaper readers on tablets and smartphones. NextGen makes it easier for readers to navigate through the daily publication. To start reading, tapping and zooming is not required anymore with the new format. The L’avenir NextGen version makes every newspaper also more interactive. It includes videos, photo galleries and can link to external websites. The user can easily switch between the two versions. The new format is supported with a large branding and marketing campaign of L’avenir.

“Upon showing this new version to our readers in small focus groups, they were very positively impressed the beautiful look and feel as well as the easy navigation after some finetuning. This convinced us to launch this new way of reading a digital newspaper,” says Philippe Dautrebande, Digital Director – L’avenir

NextGen publications are prepared easily and in an efficient way

The NextGen edition only has to be prepared once for all devices and platforms, web, tablets and phones, iOS and Android. Large parts of the publication are generated fully automatically by using intelligent algorithms.

The quick production process of our new app got us even more excited working together with Twipe. Twipe continuously proves to be a trusted partner in our digital publishing strategy.” says Benoit Thonnard, IT director – L’Avenir

The new L’avenir NextGen ePaper app is now available at the App Store and the Google Play Store.


Team Twipe

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