Maurizio Pedriale – Life as Twipe’s Chief Operating Officer

1 March 2024
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Say hi! Tell us who you are and what you do. 

My name is Maurizio, I was born and raised in Italy but moved to Belgium with my family in 2011. If this was LinkedIn, I would probably say I am a seasoned expert, which is a fancy way of saying I have more years of professional experience than most of my colleagues 😉  

I have been Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Twipe since October 2023. The role of COO is new to me – having spent all my career in IT roles – but also to Twipe, as the company did not have it up until last year. 

What drew you to Twipe?  

Getting in contact with Twipe was a lucky chance for me. It started with a chat with our Talent & Office Team Leader, Eveline, continued with many exchanges with our CEO, Danny, and then with several other future colleagues. In retrospect, I can say what drew me to Twipe was the feeling of having the chance to join a team full of bright and committed professionals, with the advantage of working in an industry I have always been passionate about. 

What projects are you working on?  

Most of my days are spent facilitating discussions and decisions on how we can adapt our organisation and our processes to match the (big) ambitions we have. These days my focus is divided mainly between our Solutions Delivery and Support teams, as well as following some of our customers during their onboarding. There are very few things I make happen myself, and lots that happen through a network of ideas, colleagues, and teams working together.   

What has been the biggest challenge of working at Twipe?   

The biggest challenge has probably been finding a way to integrate myself well in a company with a strong culture and an obsessive commitment to critically analyse all the questions we encounter. Everyone is heard, which also means that everyone is expected to participate and bring ideas to the table. Being able to do this consistently is demanding, but also very rewarding. 

How would you describe the company culture? What sets us apart? 

Feedback is sacred here and very much a part of our daily life. Although I am used to it now, I remember during my first days at Twipe the surprise of finding myself very quickly in conversations with colleagues asking my opinion on virtually every subject concerning the company.  

Working here means getting used to receiving and being asked for feedback every day, multiple times a day. It is something I truly value because it gives me the chance to understand myself and be better, and pushes everyone to hold each other to our highest standards. 

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