Micropayments, Black Friday deals and print cutting: 5 stories which caught our eye last week

This week’s Twipe Weekly Publishing News Digest takes a look at stories from across the world of publishing and news tech, touching on topics like micropayments, how publishers approached Black Friday, the Washington Post releasing their own Spotify Wrapped and more. Read our top 5 stories of the week below.

1. Micropayments again

Micropayments have once again been thrust back into the limelight in publishing, with the potential of payment for pieces of content being an appealing offering for consumers. The idea is simple on a face level. Rather than asking for a reader to subscribe to read a full article, why not let them pay for just that one article? Whilst the idea sounds great, The Rebooting‘s Brian Morrissey explains that the concept is great for all… but not publishers.

Find out why here on The Rebooting.

2. Long-term subscriptions and low price points: how publishers approached Black Friday 2022

Black Friday has grown beyond American shores and as customers are always on the lookout for the best deal, publishers have taken their chance to jump onboard. We studied the websites of 60 publishers from 17 countries to see their attempt (or lack of) to get new readers on board through Black Friday deals.

You can get our full insights in our latest Twipe Future of News article here.

3. Washington Post is Killing Its Sunday Print Magazine

Last month, we wrote about how publishers are continuing to leverage Sunday editions and supplements as a way to engage with audiences. The Washington Post have now announced that they will kill the print of their Sunday magazine, with the last issue printed on 25th December.

You can find out why and the possible impacts from Ray Schultz on Media Post here.

4. Post, the latest Twitter alternative, is betting big on micropayments for news

Twitter alternatives appear to be flying around quicker than World Cup upsets. Post is the latest Twitter alternative to be thrust into the limelight by former Waze CEO Noam Bardin. What’s different about their model? They want to build a business around micropayments in news, in short becoming another news aggregator. How do they plan to do this?

Nieman Lab‘s Laura Hazard Owen takes a deep dive here.

5. The Washington Post launches a year in news à la Spotify Wrapped

Source: Nieman Lab

Over recent years, people’s timelines, stories and feeds have started to overflow at this time of the year with Spotify Wrapped stats. It was just a matter of time until a publisher took the concept further and The Washington Post appears to be the first, jumping on the hype this year. A new way of looking at personalisation, this is an exciting move from the publisher.

Get the full story from Hanaa’ Tameez on Nieman Lab here.

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