Navigating the AI Dust Storm, TikTok’s new ad product, and what FT learned from Substack: Twipe’s Weekly News Digest

Welcome to Twipe’s Weekly News Digest! This week, we take a look at stories from across the world of publishing and news tech, navigating the AI dust storm, top AI tools for journalist, FT’s learnings from Substack, and more. Read our top 5 stories of the week below.

1. Navigating the AI Dust Storm: A guide for publishers

The past months we have experienced a Dust Storm in the tech landscape caused by an explosion of initiatives, launches and innovation in the space of Generative AI. The rapid pace of innovation has become overwhelming. With the launch of this bi-weekly “AI Dust Storm” series we aim to be your guide by providing the information and resources to stay on top of the latest developments in AI.

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2. TikTok to launch ad product for premium publishers

Last week, TikTok announced that they will allow publishers to place ads alongside content. This scheme will allow for up to half of ad revenue to be shared with publishers. This new move will be an extension of TikTok’s Pulse programme.

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3. The top non-writing AI tools every journalist should know about

Newsrooms and journalists alike are quickly understanding that they are more capable when allowing AI to be used as a tool in their arsenal. However, with so many innovations, it is difficult to sift through and find that which is most valuable. Looking at this, The International Journalists’ Network seeks to offer some clarity.

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4. What FT learned from Substack about newsletters

Sitting down with Sarah Ebner, the head of newsletters at the Financial Times, PressGazette understands that Substack has shown the propensity for readers to pay for newsletters. Sarah understands the benefits of using a large news force to accentuate newsletter techniques and strategies highlighted on Substack.

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5. How to ask for products that build trust

Looking at how journalists can use technology and news products to rebuild trust with their users, Trusting News shares the best practices offered by Denise Rivera, senior product manager at The Washington Post. Ranging from approaching work with product teams to preparing for roadblocks, this newsletter offers useful advice for readers.

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