New Replica Light feature improves user experience for Mediahuis apps

The new solution for slow Wi-Fi

Today, most hotels offer free Wi-Fi for their guests, but unfortunately the quality of this connection is often very slow. Accessing Facebook, e-mail or newspapers can be highly frustrating or even simply impossible. With Replica Light, downloading your favorite newspaper will be faster than you can imagine. Even in situations of slow Wi-Fi.

Replica Light improves download-performance in situations of bad connectivity

The readers of Nieuwsblad, Het Belang van Limburg and Gazet van Antwerpen will never have any issues with downloading their favourite newspaper while being on holiday. Together with Mediahuis, we have developed the “Replica Light” feature. This new download mechanism will detect the speed of the connection and if the connection speed is below a certain threshold, the user will have the option to download his or her publication in a lower resolution format.

How does Replica Light work?

  • Assume you are in a hotel with bad Wi-Fi and you want to download your newspaper.
  • As soon as the download starts, a pop-up message informs you about the slow connection and asks you if you want to download a light version.
  • If you press Yes, the download automatically switches to a compressed, small sized package of the same newspaper.
  • If, you want to read the high resolution version on your iPad after all, you will have the opportunity to download the full resolution version anytime.

Smaller package, Faster Download

“With this improvement, the reader gets more control. He or she can decide to download the latest newspaper in high resolution or to speed up the download process by choosing the Replica Light version,” says Gilles Van Mol, Senior Project Manager at Twipe.

Check out our demo movie and see how easy it is to download your favourite newspaper when having a very slow internet connection.


Danny Lein
Twipe Founder & CEO

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