New Series: 7 Building Blocks to Reach Excellence in Digital Publishing


To address the new challenges faced by publishers, we have put together a Framework of 7 Building Blocks that will help you to achieve Excellence in Digital Publishing. In the weeks to come we will discuss the complete series on our blog and on our new LinkedIn conversation group.

In the next weeks we will inform you about each block of the framework:

  1. Strategy: Define the best strategy for your organization
  2. Organisation: Set your journey for digital growth
  3. Design: Structure your organization to ease the path to success
  4. Processes: Introduce the right set of effective processes
  5. Systems: Develop and manage the full set of systems and solutions
  6. Insights: Get the right insights from your data
  7. Culture: Establish an agile and ownership driven company culture

We are pleased to welcome you on our new community platform and we are looking forward to hear your insights, stories or challenges.



Team Twipe

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