Recession, digital transformation and social-first outlets: 5 news stories from last week

This week’s Twipe Weekly Publishing News Digest takes a look at stories from across the world of publishing and news tech, touching on topics like how a recession may threaten newspapers, digital transformation, social-first news outlets and more. Read our top 5 stories of the week below.

1. Newspapers shudder at threat of recession

Source: Axios

Red flags are being waved across the world as financial indicators are pointing towards an impending recession. AxiosSara Fischer and Kerry Flynn take a deep-dive into the current financial situation of newspapers in the US and look at how a recession would impact the newspaper industry, in particular smaller and local titles.

Find the full piece from Axios here.

2. Lessons from the FT: setting north star goals for digital transformation

2022 has been an exciting year for The Financial Times so far. Not only did they celebrate the launch of their new digital-edition FT Edit, they also joined the 1 million subscriber club. To find out some of the secrets of their success, Jacob Granger of sat down with Tara Lajumoke, Managing Director of FT Strategies, to chat all things digital transformation and provide three key steps to digital transformation.

Learn more on here.

3. How Sunday editions help increase digital engagement

Sunday editions still get special attention from many publishers, but are Sunday editions still worth it? To find out, we examined the data of 10 newspapers on our platforms, a mix of whom do and don’t publish on a Sunday, to study their Sunday consumption. In our research we uncovered many interesting learnings pointing towards Sunday as a great day to publish.

Check out our full findings here.

4. 50 paywall examples to inspire your subscription strategy

Setting your paywall strategy can often be a difficult discussion. Fear not, Madeleine White from The Audiencers has put together a handy guide benchmarking 50 paywall examples to inspire your strategy and formulated a list of best practices.

Find them on The Audiencers here.

5. The News Movement: creating a social-first outlet with a firm focus on young audiences

Launched in early 2021, The News Movement is a social-first news outlet founded by former Dow Jones and BBC executives. Based across the UK and the US, the outlet has experienced fast growth and half of their users on TikTok and YouTube are under the age of 24. Marina Adami of Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism spoke to The News Movement‘s Head of Audience Valentina Park to learn more about their recent launch in the US and how they have managed to set themselves apart.

Read the full interview here.


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