Social media usage, local news attention and growing communities: Twipe’s Weekly News Digest

Welcome to Twipe’s Weekly News Digest! This week, we take a look at stories from across the world of publishing and news tech, touching on topics like the use of social media amongst publishers, Gen Z’s thoughts about local news and how publishers are growing spaces on Discord. Read our top 5 stories of the week below.

1. 5 Lessons from the INMA Media Subscription Summit

The INMA Subscription Summit in Stockholm brought together 355 attendees from 171 media companies in 34 countries to discuss the future of the news media industry and how to increase subscription revenue. The gathering felt like a family reunion meant to share insights, best practices and success stories from newspaper publishers.

Read the full write up of the event here.

2. Publishers are moving past seeing social media as simply a way to drive traffic

Digiday has delved into how publishers are changing their mindsets regarding social media platforms and are using them as more than simply as a way to drive traffic to their main site. Discussing with Bustle Digital Group, Vice Media and Washington Post, Digiday looks at how social media is an end in itself, being used as a way to build a brand and to engage more directly with their audiences.

Read the full story here.

3. A recent survey reveals the thoughts of Gen Z towards local news

A recent survey by Borrell has revealed the unique opinions of Gen Z towards local news with interesting results revealing a predilection towards former hometowns. While targeting Gen Z news readers remains an important conversation, insights regarding to what content they are drawn towards reveals key details into their consumer habits.

Read the full story here.

4. Amazon ceases newspaper and magazine subscriptions

This week it was announced the Amazon will no longer be selling newspaper and magazine subscriptions. While, according to Nieman Labs, this news is not a surprise, it is worth noting the fan reaction to such an announcement.

Read the full article from Nieman Labs here.

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5. How Bellingcat has grown a thriving community on Discord

Bellingcat has managed to cultivated a unique and highly engaged audience on Discord which comes together to discuss articles, contribute to investigative journalism, and build a rounded community. Nieman Labs discusses with the publisher how they have created a uniquely thriving space for their audience including how it is has grown, the distribution of journalism and moderation.

For the full story, click on the link here.


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