“For once, Europe is ahead of the United States”

Interview with Matthieu Dubois, Dana Nastase and Danny Lein originally published in Dutch in the Belgian Business Magazine Trends, edition of 22nd April 2021. Translated and republished with approval from the author Melanie De Vrieze. Photo from Debby Termonia. *** The Leuven technology company Twipe, which distributes digital newspapers on a shared platform, will be[…]

What can the US learn from Europe: 5 innovations from European Publishers

A small team at Twipe has spent the past few weeks meeting with publishers across the US, from New York to Los Angeles and (almost) everywhere in between. This tour helped to confirm some of our understandings about the differences between the US and European news industries. The final stop of the #TwipeUSTour was to[…]

Where US publishers see potential for innovation

Recently Google announced the funding recipients of its first-ever “North American Innovation Challenge“. 34 projects were chosen across the US and Canada, with funding totaling $5.8 million. We’re no strangers to Google’s Innovation Challenge here in Europe (or as it was previously called the DNI fund). At Twipe we’ve been fortunate enough to have a[…]

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