July 23, 2021

Bring a new reading experience to your subscribers! 

Join the Twipe Summer of POCs. 

Experience the new Twipe Replica or NextGen Digital Editions with a Twipe Proof of Concept. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Only 1 spot left. 

Your Proof of Concept in 3 steps: 

  1. Sign-up here by 15th of August 2021 
  2. Send one week of content and let us take care of the rest 
  3. Showcase to readers and stakeholders  

All publishers participating in the Summer of POCs are eligible for a complete migration to the Twipe Platform. 

The costs of the POC will be deducted from the final set-up fee.

Twipe Proof of Concept: 2.500, – EUR

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    Test how your content will look on our technology

    Choose between our Replica and NextGen technology and get a first look at the user experience you will get.

    Successful cases of co-development

    Read how we help publishers like The Telegraph to develop their digital edition strategies and increase subscription revenue

    Join the Twipe Digital Growth Summit 2022

    The Digital Growth Summit is an exclusive event which gathers senior media innovators to discuss the future of news.

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