10 years of L’Edition du Soir, How Gen Z use AI & Growing Local News Websites: Twipe’s Weekly News Digest

Welcome back to Twipe’s Weekly News Digest!

This week, you can find articles that explore the latest Toolkits research on subscription products, learn how to pass a pop quiz on AI and debunk myths on how Gen-Z use AI. Here are our top stories:

1. Digital editions and AI: Key takeaways from L’Edition du Soir’s 10 year anniversary

Leading French newspaper Ouest-France celebrated the 10th anniversary of L’Edition du Soir, the digital-only evening edition co-created with Twipe back in 2013.

In the context of this celebration, Ouest-France organised a full-day inspiration and reflection event in its brand-new offices in Rennes. Various speakers, including our CEO Danny Lein, reflected on the past and shed light on the future.

Read more about Ouest-France’s event

2. Satisfaction with publishers’ subscription products is growing

The fourth installment in a series exploring consumer attitudes to publishers’ digital subscription products, based on research conducted by Toolkits and NRG, shows that 85% of consumers are satisfied with the value for money they get from publishers’ subscription products, up from 75% in 2022.

Read all the learnings from the report on Toolkits

3. Could you pass a pop quiz on the basics of AI?

Every media leader today is facing a slew of questions about artificial intelligence, but few could pass a pop quiz on the technology. Louise Story explores her unique point of view on artificial intelligence and covers the basics for media leaders in her new article.

Explore the article from Louise Story

4. Half of UK’s biggest local news websites grew audience in September

Twenty-two of the UK’s 50 biggest regional and local news websites saw year-on-year growth in audience in September, according to Press Gazette’s latest ranking. Reach brands take the top 10 spots for local news websites, but unfortunately it doesn’t help to avoid their latest wave of mass redundancies announced last week.

Explore growing local audiences here from Press Gazette

5. Debunking myths: How Generation Z uses AI for work

Generative-AI whiplash is fast becoming a standard response to the dizzying speed at which the technology is evolving. Worklife dive into how Gen Z is using the technology at work, where they might need help and where others can learn from them.

Read more from Worklife

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