3 most important new iOS 8 features for publishers

At its yearly WWDC Congress, Apple announced its next operating system for iPads and iPhones, iOS 8. The new version brings tons of new software updates. We have selected for you, the publisher, the 3 most important new features.

Widgets in the Notification Center

A widget is a small app that a user can pin in the “Today” view of the Notification center. Increase the engagement with your apps by sharing the latest news or the cover of your latest newspaper.


Apps will now have more possibilities to exchange services. This might allow you to better link your live news apps with your e-paper apps. Or what about full fletched deep linking in social apps? Will this finally be possible?

Native Beta Testing with TestFlight for iOS 8

Involving your end-users during beta testing will largely improve the quality of your apps at launch. With the new TestFlight, developers will be able to admit a subset of their users to a beta program for their app. The users will get pre-release versions of the app, and developers can track metrics about the tests within TestFlight.

Source: techcrunch


Danny Lein
Twipe Founder & CEO

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