What should you remember from Digital Media Europe day 3? – #dme14

For the final day of Digital Media Europe 2014, we have selected 5 exciting quotes from the following sessions: Telegraaf Media Groep (TMG), Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Edelman and Rubicon Project.

1. “58% of display ads sold via automated trading”
Martin van der Meij, Head of Revenue Development, Telegraaf Media Groep (TMG), The Netherlands

Automated trading is booming. Most of the display ads are sold via automated trading, with now 58% this number continuous to increase. Second place goes to direct sales with 33%, but this suffered a decrease of -40% and continuous to decrease.

2. “We went from just 75 to over 400 mobile Engineers”
Regan Senkarik, Senior Director of Channel Sales, Yahoo! Inc, USA

Regan talks about how important mobile has become for Yahoo! The new motto at Yahoo! is People first, users first but overall mobile first.

3. “6x more traffic from people looking for information and content on LinkedIn than 5 years ago”
Isabelle Roughol, Editor, LinkedIn, France

So that’s the reason why LinkedIn bought Pulse one year ago. And they are doing great! But, as we learned during the onsite visit to Facebook London on Monday, social networks are focusing on attracting its users and new users through posting the latest news. So the question is, how are you going to deal with this as a publishing company?

4. “Sponsored content has been made throughout history and if done well it can be valuable for all involved”
Philip Trippenbach, Account Director, Strategic Innovation, Edelman, UK

Do you like Mozart? The Sistine Chapel? Beethoven? All sponsored content. Most of the best content from the past is produced under what we would call a sponsored model today.

5. “The amount of tax to pay and the cycle from booking an ad to publishing an ad is too high”

Oliver Whitten, Vice President and Commercial Director, Rubicon Project, UK

Rubicon analysed the complate trade cycle for ads and found out that many of these steps are completely redundend. With amouted trading you can lower the operating costs and as such increase your margin on sold ads.



Danny Lein
Twipe Founder & CEO

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