Agfa Graphics migrates mobile publishing activities to Twipe

With addition of Eversify’s customers, Twipe strengthens its position in Germany and Switzerland

Twipe Digital Publishing, a leading vendor of digital publishing solutions for newspapers and magazines, today announces that it will support Agfa Graphics’ Eversify customer base by migrating them to the Twipe platform. Through this, Twipe strengthens its position in the German, Swiss, and Austrian newspaper and magazine markets and will guarantee business continuity for the Eversify customers.

Fueling further growth of Twipe

 “We welcome the Agfa Graphics Eversify customers and look forward to introducing them to our innovative digital solutions. This is the first time Twipe has integrated such a large portfolio at once, and it will further increase our ability to scale our platform in a short period of time. Through this, we have doubled our size in the German language markets,” says Danny Lein, Founder and CEO of Twipe.

Twipe Digital Publishing will transfer Eversify’s service offerings with a smooth migration path starting in October 2017. The transition will be completed by the end of 2017.


Team Twipe

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