Twipe cements Baltic reach

Postimees signs contract for Twipe’s WebApp Touch Technology for three more years

Postimees has extended their long-standing partnership with Twipe to benefit from Twipe’s WebApp Touch Technology. Since 2014, Postimees has been a happy Twipe customer, utilising a customised template family to fit the look and feel of their newspaper.

Largest newspaper in Estonia is dedicated to digital growth

Owned by the Eesti Meediaa Group, Postimees has the largest circulation and readership of any newspaper in Estonia, as well as the Baltic region as a whole.

With Twipe’s focus on growth in digital publishing, Postimees will be able to continue their digital growth strategy.

“With our WebApp Touch technology giving readers the same experience as if they were reading the edition within a native app, Postimees will be able to continue their digital growth strategy” says Danny Lein, Founder and CEO of Twipe.

About Postimees

Postimees is both Estonia’s first daily newspaper, as well as the largest Estonian newspaper today. The newspaper is published 6 days a week, with 50,000 copies bought on weekdays and 60,000 on the weekends. Postimees is owned by the Eesti Meedia Group, the largest media group in the Baltic countries.

You can see how Twipe’s WebApp Touch technology works in this video or for yourself online.

Team Twipe

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