Twipe unveils the first WebApp Touch together with Ouest-France

L'Edition du Soir2

Today, together with Ouest-France we are proud to announce the launch of the WebApp touch. L’Edition du Soir, already available on web for desktop users and on native tablet and smartphone apps, is now ready as a touch web app. Discover it now on your phone.

What is a touch enabled web app?

A touch enabled web app is a website that acts and feels like a native app when accessed on a tablet or a smartphone. L’Edition du Soir WebApp Touch is fully responsive and optimized for all mobile devices and supports tactile user interactions like tapping and swiping. Readers can enjoy the publication instantly, as no download is required.

Why a touch enabled web app?

More than 800.000 people read L’Edition du Soir online on their mobile, with a user interface optimized for desktop. Driven by the desire to improve the user experience for 60% of the readers, together with Ouest-France, we have developed the WebApp Touch.

Moreover, the WebApp Touch offers extra benefits:

  • Fast direct access. Opening an article within a publication from an email or website, has never been faster.
  • Read within Facebook and Twitter. The WebApp Touch can be perfectly read within the in-app browsers of Facebook and Twitter.
  • Innovate faster. With the WebApp Touch the new features are immediately available and do not need the tedious app review process anymore.

Learn more about the touch enabled web app in a free demo.

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Team Twipe

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