NextGen. Phone. boosts daily usage for HBVL with 50%

HBVL NextGen. Phone. daily usageLast month, Het Belang van Limburg launched its new mobile optimized newspaper. By using the Twipe NextGen Publishing platform, HBVL creates the newspaper only once to publish it on all smartphones and tablets. Three weeks after the launch of their new newspaper app on phones we have a look at the first results.

50% more daily usage on smartphones

On the day of the launch the daily usage increased by 200%, boosted by a well defined marketing campaign on both print and online newspaper. Thereafter, 50% more subscribers are now reading the newspaper on their smartphone.

“Phones are now the number one access point to the internet. We are happy to see that this new mobile newspaper format engages 50% more people to read their newspaper on smartphones. Through this close collaboration with Mediahuis we were able to develop a first in class product that users love to use.” says Danny Lein, Founder & CEO of Twipe.

“We are very happy with these results. Especially since we know that the more opportunities to read we offer, the greater engagement we get, which is really good for retention of subscribers.” says Wim Staelens, Digital Manager of Het Belang van Limburg.

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*Since we would like to protect our customer’s real data, please note that we have used only normalized numbers for the graphs.

Danny Lein
Twipe Founder & CEO

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