Twipe Launches Twipe. Editor.


The Twipe. Editor. allows you to create stunning HTML5 publications, fully optimized for all mobile devices. You don’t have to worry about the differences between all mobile devices and platforms. By using the smart NextGen templates, every page has to be created only once. It is automatically optimized for all mobile devices, without additional work from the editorial team.

Intuitive and fast creation of mobile optimized publications

How does it work? You start your newspaper by defining the page plan of your publication. A drag-and-drop user interface allows you to add or remove pages. Every page is defined by a template, which defines the layout of your page.
You continue by adding content to your page. The content is imported from your CMS and your AdServer. Once all articles and ads are assigned to your page, you can immediately preview it in your browser.
Do you want to change the formatting of your page, to include some extra pictures or videos? No problem! An easy-to-use WYSIWYG article editor allows you to further enrich your article.
After finishing all pages, you can preview your full publication in your browser or on any mobile device before you publish it.

The new tools are available in all browsers and do not require any local software or plug-in to be installed.
Want to learn how to create your publication using the Twipe NextGen.Editor.?

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9. NextGen.Editor-Create once and publish on all devices
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6. NextGen.Editor-Templates
8. NextGen.Editor-Preview your articles
1.NextGen.Editor-Article Search CMS
2. NextGen.Editor-Editor bar
7. NextGen.Editor-Autogenerate publications
3. NextGen.Editor-Preview your publication

Danny Lein
Twipe Founder & CEO

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