My first year at Twipe as a Young Grad in the Business Development Squad

If you ended up in this blog post, you are probably looking for some information about the work culture at Twipe. If that’s the case, I truly hope that sharing my experience will help guide your decision and give you an idea of what is waiting for you here at Twipe. After graduating with a[…]

Edition-based publishing: How to bring a successful model into the digital age

In the past few years we have witnessed a return to edition-based publishing in the industry, whether it be through reinvesting in existing digital editions, getting out of the breaking news game all together (like The Times and The Sunday Times), or through creating new digital-only editions. The power of an edition has endured at[…]

Team Learning at Twipe – 2019

At Twipe we recognise the importance of stepping out of the everyday routine to align on our future priorities . That is why we recently spent three days at Le Moulin de Denée to strengthen the team’s bonds, to align with the company’s vision and to share exciting ideas. We started on Wednesday with a[…]

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