Edition-based publishing: How to bring a successful model into the digital age

In the past few years we have witnessed a return to edition-based publishing in the industry, whether it be through reinvesting in existing digital editions, getting out of the breaking news game all together (like The Times and The Sunday Times), or through creating new digital-only editions.

The power of an edition has endured at The Times for more than 230 years. Our challenge is to update this concept for the digital age: to put readers first and cut through the babble.

John Witherow, Editor of The Times

In the following report we tried to outline all the characteristics of an edition, what has made it a successful model for the last 400 years and how to bring these elements into a digital product. Download it know and find out how publishers all over the world are discovering again the power of editions and how to create your own digital product.

In this report you will find

What features define an edition

Why readers are willing to pay for it

What publishers can do to create a successful digital product. 

Successful stories and cases



Riccardo Fredro
Sales & Incubation Team Leader

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