April 5, 2018

Le Monde Digital Newspaper Edition

Enabling growth and peace of mind

Le Monde joined Twipe’s Platform in late 2017 for its newspaper’s digital edition. Since then, it has leveraged its strong brand and our reliable Replica technology to build one of the biggest digital audiences in France. On this basis, it has set the ambitious goal to reach 1,000,000 subscribers by 2025 and we are glad to be part of this journey.

Beautiful crisp design

Strong brand identity requires consistency across all touchpoints. The Article Lightboxes in Le Monde’s digital edition respect the house style with a crisp and beautiful design to enhance the reading experience. Download the apps and try it your self.

Fully automated workflow

Our Replica technology does not require any additional process. Le Monde creates its ePaper from the same export used for the printed version of the newspaper through an automated workflow. This allows the team to focus on content creation while Twipe makes sure it gets delivered on a daily basis. The peace of mind every publisher needs.

Ensuring customer success

Our customer success team is always focused on improving our clients business results and ensuring their technology is up-to-date. During these 2 years, we have experimented many solutions and strategies together with Le Monde, such as delivering an early access edition, designing a better app rating flow and enabling a tailored multiple access rights management system.

ePaper audience growth

The ePaper version of Le Monde has become one of the biggest digital audiences in France registering +350% active users growth since 2018. According to the data on EngageReaders, our analytics tool, these readers are also more engaged than website users, generating on average more than 20 minutes of reading per day. With this kind of growth, Le Monde’s digital edition has become a significant source of revenue and a fundamental product in their overall strategy.

Interested in developing your own Replica ePaper?

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