The best reading experience for your PDF Replica ePaper

The Replica ePaper is the most widespread form of digital edition. In the past years we have seen Replica make a comeback. With publishers across the world undergoing a process of shifting subscribers from print to digital, the Replica has offered a great bridging product.

More and more habitual readers prefer the comfort of this known format that relates to the classic newspaper. With the Twipe Platform, you can offer your subscribers the best reading quality and a content-first UI on iOS, Android and Web.


Twipe WebApp Touch

The Twipe WebApp Touch helps you to deliver your ePaper easily to anybody. This cutting-edge technology gives your readers the same reading experience in their mobile and web browser as in a native App. The ePaper is fully touch-enabled with no download needed. The Replica Solution is fully optimised for all the touching and swiping you do on both mobile and web app.


Styled Article Lightboxes

We have developed digitally styled article lightboxes ready to present your content. Inside the Replica solution, these enable you to tap to read articles in more detail. Swiping through the paper story to story is also possible with these article lightboxes. Through our article lightboxes, readers also have the possibility of social sharing, changing font sizes and listening to their articles in audio format.


High Quality PDF Reading

The high quality nature of our Replica PDF ePaper solution provides the best possible reading experience. This is particularly true in our Pinch-to-Zoom reading mode, available so you can focus on the stories that matter to you.


Replica Enrichments

Our Replica solution offers you the chance to go beyond your everyday ePaper. Our article lightboxes provide a new opportunity for video integrations. We also offer puzzle and other integration to keep building important habits.


Kiosk and Archive Functions

In our Replica Apps, readers can find today’s edition and supplements alongside an archive of previous issues. Subscribers can also choose relevant regional editions. The full content offering for each day is shown on the homepage.


Internal Navigation designed with user experience in mind

For the best user experience, we have introduced easier internal navigation. The main stories of the day are split into the same sections found in their print counterpart. Slide through the days edition quicker to find the topics that are important to you.


Progressive downloads and offline reading

Our ePaper solutions offer progressive and automatic downloads so that your subscribers can wake up to the latest version of their favourite newspaper. For ease of use, offline reading is also standard for downloaded products.


Multiple subscription management

Managing multiple subscriptions is an option within Twipe’s solutions. In our apps, you can offer your full range of subscriptions so that customers can choose the best subscription for them and subscribe.


Advertising and newstand integration

Inside our apps, you can integrate a number of advertising options including splash page, interactive full-page interstitials, or HTML5 ads. Newsstand integration is also possible with iOS products.

Le Monde - ePaper

Replica in Action

Twipe’s Replica solution has been leveraged by publishers worldwide. Le Monde have joined Twipe’s platform in 2017 to help them on their ambitious journey to reach 1 million subscribers by 2025.

Having just surpassed 400,000 digital subscribers, read how Le Monde have used Twipe’s Replica Solution to enable growth and peace of mind. Want to learn more? Request a demo!