January 24, 2018

Twipe Research Reports

Twipe’s research is the result of data gathered on our platform and insights provided by industry experts we talk to every day. In 2017, we embarked on a multi-year research project called ‘Reinventing Digital Editions’. Since then we have been advocates of the edition concept and we are glad to see it now taking-off in the industry. For questions, comments, or if you wish to collaborate in our next stages of research, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Digital-Only Editions

Our study on Digital-Only Editions is the first chapter in our “Reinventing Digital Editions” series. The research paper provides a deep dive into 8 cases where leading publishers pioneered some of the first digital only digital editions. The report is based on interviews with the teams behind the creation and roll-out of some of the publishing industries most successful digital-only editions. In a world where finite experiences are becoming more popular than ever, this report provides a timely reminder about their ongoing success.


Reader Insights

This paper on Reader Insights is the second chapter in our “Reinventing Digital Editions” series. In this report we examine the motivation and reading habits of nearly 4,000 news consumers in six European countries and the United States. The paper shines a light on the preferred digital news formats of news readers and their willingness to pay for these products. At a time when publishers are seeking to maintain and build subscriber revenue, this paper gives invaluable insights and ideas for publishers to move to the next level.


Habit Forming Products

The third report in our “Reinventing Digital Editions” series explores the role played by habit formation in news products and provides inspiration about how publishers can leverage the tool themselves. Through interviews with publishing industry leaders of habit-formation such as The New York Times, Schibsted and The Telegraph, this report provides best practices for publishers interested in increasing reader frequency and engagement. Reader engagement is crucial to subscription success so be sure not to miss this vital research.


JAMES Report

In this report we synthesise our collaborative project looking at personalised recommendation algorithms with The Times of London as part of the Google Digital News Initiative. The report spans from the project’s scope to the approach used and how a 49% decrease in churn levels has been achieved using personalised triggers. JAMES is now a product used by publishers across the world to build habits and create engagement with their subscribers. Personalisation in a hybrid format helps to avoid filter bubbles and enhances finite news products.


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