Who are ePaper readers? A case study from Germany

This week a new report on the state of ePaper readership in Germany was released by Die Zeitungen. German-speakers can find the full report here. To bring this information to a wider audience, we have translated the findings into English for our Future of News community. Join us as we explore five key findings on[…]

Unexpected wins for publishers facing prolonged work from home

It is not often that the global news industry faces the same challenge as it does today with the Coronavirus pandemic. In our latest webinar in our Future of News series, a discussion on the status of work from home was sparked. With a very global audience, publishers came from 27 different countries, there was[…]

5 lessons from the launch of The Telegraph’s new digital edition app

This week we welcomed nearly 200 publishers from 27 different countries for the latest webinar in our Future of News series. Mathias Douchet, Director of Product at The Telegraph, was the special guest speaker. He shared the three key pillars of their strategy: Journalism: the key thing The Telegraph has been doing for over 160[…]

Good news for publishers, ad blocking is on the decline

Advertising revenues have been on the decline for newspapers for a long time now. With the switch from print to digital, publishers saw their advertising dollars replaced by digital dimes. Today, nearly 70% of all digital advertising revenue goes to just Google, Facebook, and Amazon. That’s not even including the wrench coronavirus has thrown into[…]

Your reading list on news product trends that will continue in 2021

As the world returns from holiday and goes back to work, we are also welcoming our Future of News community ‘back to school’. As we all prepare for 2021, and accelerate work on end of year projects, we have gathered 5 articles that will help better inform your news product strategy going forward. #1 De-anonymising readers[…]

How news push notification strategies have matured in 2020

The recent Reuters Digital News Report found that the use of push notifications for news has been growing in recent years. With more and more alerts on readers’ lockscreens, how are publishers working to stand out? To answer this, we dug into examples from MittMedia, The Times, BBC, The Dallas Morning News, Ouest-France, DuMont and more.[…]

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