“Wild, wild world” – honest insights from your peers during the corona crisis

Over the past week, we have had one to one discussions with leaders from publishers across Europe and the US to better understand how coronavirus has changed the industry. Join us for a candid look into how publishers are reacting to this crisis and their advice for going forward in these new times. It’s a[…]

Niedergang des US-Zeitungsmarkts: Was wir jetzt von Europa lernen können

Liebe Leser, Wir hoffen, dass Sie und Ihre liebsten in Sicherheit sind. Auch wir haben bei uns umfangreiche Maßnahmen getroffen, um unser Team zu schützen und bisher sind alle wohlauf. Trotz der unübersichtlichen Lage arbeiten wir mit größter Hingabe daran, dass Redaktionen ihren Lesern weiterhin hochwertigen Journalismus zur Verfügung stellen können. Unseren wöchentlichen Newsletter werden[…]

Coronavirus: Six ways to get your journalism in front of readers during this crisis

There’s no way you’ve missed the many discussions on the impact of the coronavirus crisis on news media, it is the topic of every industry newsletter (including this one!). Coverage has even moved beyond industry conversations, with The New York Times reporting ‘Coronavirus Brings a Surge to News Sites‘ while The Guardian shared that ‘Coronavirus[…]

US Media Decline: What We Can Learn From Europe

Dear readers, We hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe. At Twipe, we have taken measures to keep our team safe and so far everyone is still healthy. Despite these confusing times, our team is continuing to work with the same dedication to enable publishers to bring their valuable journalism to readers. Our weekly newsletter will[…]

3 key ways to reduce news product friction

Coming off recent industry discussions on the importance of product thinking, this week we are exploring three key ways publishers can reduce news product friction in their digital strategies. Registration walls increase conversion More and more publishers are adopting registration walls to help solve some of the new problems of today, including legal obligations, de-anonymizing[…]

Monetising password sharing: what publishers can learn from Netflix

Password sharing is something digital media companies such as Netflix have had to deal with for a long-time. That’s why it is surprising to see that a study of publishers by Digiday found that 76% do not take any special steps to stop subscribers from sharing their login info. Recent research estimates Netflix loses more[…]

What the end of newsstand sales will mean for publishers

2019 saw more than a handful of retailers stop selling newspapers, including Aldi in the UK and Starbucks in the US. Even airlines are getting into the game, with Air New Zealand removing print newspapers from its lounges for “sustainability” reasons. As print newspapers slowly leave the public sphere, what does this mean for the[…]

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