Innovations in Local News celebrated at the INMA Global Media Awards – Part Two

Following on from our previous blog post, we explore a second batch of innovations in local news celebrated at the INMA Global Media Awards. Streamlining Content for better Subscriber experiences Constant evaluation of content is vital to ensure that publishers stay relevant in the face of competitors. In the face of annual decline happen over[…]

Innovations in Local News celebrated at the INMA Global Media Awards – Part One

Local news is still relevant. Despite the challenges faced by local news outlets, the desire for local journalism remains. In fact, these local newspapers are some of the most trustworthy news sources according to readers. They help to fill the gaps of the national news and discuss what really matters in a reader’s life. To[…]

3 learnings from talking editions with Poynter and AJC

This week, we had the pleasure to host an inspiring panel discussion with Rick Edmonds from Poynter and Bala Sundaramoorthy from Atlanta Journal Constitution. The webinar was part of our Future of News webinar series and tackled the Habit Forming Role of Digital Editions. For those who missed Tuesday’s live session, we have highlighted 3[…]

5 approaches publishers use to kick off product innovation

Earlier this year, we wrote about the increased awareness around product thinking in newsrooms. Many publishers struggle with identifying how to position their “product” and how to develop new ones through innovation. With the summer being a time for preparation and reflection for many publishers and newsrooms, it’s ideal for kicking off and testing new[…]

Twipe’s Test Engineers: Not your average student job

At Twipe we build innovative technology to help newspapers grow and retain subscribers. Publishers like Le Monde, The Telegraph and DuMont use our SaaS platform for publishing their daily digital editions via mobile apps and WebApps. Every year, we seek motivated students to test our new applications on Android, iOS and Webapp in order to[…]

Editions: The journalism product that has been driving habits for over 400 years

At Twipe, we often talk about the importance of habit formation in growing subscribers and retention. Habit formation is fundamental in building recurring behaviour and traits that lead to actions being adopted to parts of a daily routine. In publishing, there are several ways of building habits amongst readers. One such way is through the[…]

3 ways in which AI can provide value to any publisher

In Reuters predictions published this January, 69% of media leaders and publishers bet on AI as the most important enabling technology for the future of journalism. Publishers see AI as a way of delivering more personalised experiences and improving production efficiency. Automated recommendations, better commercial proposals and newsroom automation were the 3 most important uses[…]

ePaper subscriptions in Germany grow by 24%

**This article was originally published in German by on 28th April** Digital newspapers continue to grow in popularity. Not only is the circulation growing, but e-paper subscriptions are also growing at an above-average rate of 24.3 percent. The e-paper circulation of German newspapers increased by 18.34 percent in the 2nd quarter of 2021 compared to[…]

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