Clickbait, product simplicity and evergreen tips: 5 insightful publishing stories from last week

This week’s Twipe Weekly Publishing News Digest takes a look at stories from across the world of publishing, touching on topics like clickbait, product simplicity, evergreen tips from media leaders and more. Read our top 5 stories of the week below.

1. The power of simple

Product thinking and the role of product has become central to the power of journalism. Karl Oskar Teien, Director of Product at Norwegian Giant Schibsted’s Aftenposten title has provided a great deep dive into the power of simple adopted at Aftenposten. In doing so, he provides 3 steps to a clear product strategy for news publishers. This article is a great read for all teams within publishers.

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2. When was the last time you tested the performance of your subscription offer page? An analysis of top outlets

Last week, The Fix’s David Tvrdon released an insightful analysis of the subscription conversion pages of The New York Times, The Guardian, Bild, Le Monde and more. In the piece he explored how these subscription offer pages have evolved over a 10-year period to reflect the transition to digital. One takeaway found across the board was that subscription conversion pages became less wordy and placed more emphasis on the “Subscribe” button.

Find the full piece on The Fix website here.

3. Google will modify search algorithms to tackle clickbait

This week, a blog post from Google revealed that the tech giant will modify their search engine algorithms to fight clickbait. The move will see “content by people, for people” favoured to fight against the rise of clickbait. Could this spell the end of SEO driven content? The Guardian‘s Alex Hern reported that Google will release a “helpful content update” this week.

You can get more information on the move in The Guardian‘s piece here.

4. 5 evergreen tips from 18 news media leaders

We have been lucky enough to hear from over 50 of the most innovative figures from the news media industry and beyond at previous editions of the Digital Growth Summit. So, from looking back at various keynotes, panels and presentation 5 evergreen tips stood out for us for publishers looking to grow and sustain a healthy digital business. Don’t miss your chance to join us at 2022’s Digital Growth Summit on the 19th October here (early bird tickets are available until 31st August).

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5. The Case Against Sunday Newspaper Magazines

Richard J. Tofel provided a thought-provoking opinion piece on the future of Sunday Newspaper Magazines. Taking a look at the need for cost-cutting, Tofel argued that publishers need to adopt new thinking around certain products like Sunday Newspaper Magazines. The magazines of course still have value for Tofel, but their content could be redeployed to cut publication costs and save the need for further layoffs across publishers.

Find Richard J. Tofel‘s piece here.


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