Comic News for Kids and New Speak take home the Media Innovation Prize


Over the past 24h, a group of 40 national and international students participated in the ‘Apps for Students’ hackathon. Two teams were able to catch the Media Innovation Prize, a brand new Raspberry Pi 3!

Great things always start small

The first project to win the Media Innovation Price, Comic News for Kids transforms news articles into comics. Now children can  understand the context of things happening around them! The winning team made use of the Twipe content API and translate a difficult to understand story into a set of easy visuals which they fetch from the Google Images API.

Also the New Speak team won Raspberry Pi’s. This project allows people to interact with the newspaper apps via the speech function of their smartphone. Thereby, the New Speak searches from the database the most relevant keywords by creating a ranking of the articles based on the given keywords as input.

Congratulations to everyone!

Its been an amazing experience for everyone involved in the hackathon: 24 hours of pure excitement, adrenaline, ideas, pizza and beers.

We would like to thank everyone for participating and to congratulate all teams for their innovative ideas and work. We encourage all students to pursue their dreams and ideas. We hope to see as many of these prototypes developed these days becoming a reality in the future.



Team Twipe

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