‘Apps for Students’ Hackathon has started


The first day is just about to finish, not for the participants though as they will continue to work during the night as well. Its been a great day so far and judging from everyone’s enthusiasm and motivation we think we will hear amazing presentations at the end of the hackathon.

We’ve kick-off at 1 PM, in Agora Learning Centrum from Leuven with a quick presentation about Twipe and an intro on how to use the available API. Soon after that, all participants split into teams and start brainstorming on all possible ideas on how to innovate in the news media industry. You can almost feel the multitude of the ideas in the air. Everyone is so excited and keen to bring their projects to life.

Online contest for participants

We are organising a small contest for our hackers. If you are at the ‘Apps for Students’ Hackathon do not forget to participate at our contest on Facebook. Post a photo with your team on our Facebook page and share it with your friends. The most popular picture (with the most likes) will win cinema (Kinepolis Leuven) tickets for the entire team.

Now that we’ve had a great dinner together we are looking forward to see what the night will bring. We wish everyone participating at the hackathon lots of strength and determination to finish their prototype.


Team Twipe

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