Digital Growth Summit 2022: Let’s shape the Future of News together

The Twipe Digital Growth Summit is an exclusive and interactive event that brings together publishers from all across Europe and the US to shape the news world of tomorrow. This year’s Digital Growth Summit will take place on October 19th in London and will face the big question of how publishers can respond to the constant changes within the digital world.

Together with over 100 leading publishers we want to learn more about what news could look like in web3 and metaverse, see how important NFTs could really become in the future and where there are still opportunities in publisher’s audio strategies. We will talk about the role of video and why publishers should invest more in their apps. In this article we summarised the main topics of this year’s Digital Growth Summit and why they are so important.

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1. Web3: Immature, but the core is solid

It is time to talk about the possibilities in Web3 and to recognise what news could look like in the future. Small successes and defeats have shown that Web3 is still in an experimental phase, but definitely has potential and can already call on a stable core. Exactly what the new web will look like cannot be said at this point, but this makes the topic all the more exciting. Now is the time to learn, build and experiment.

The Metaverse is often associated with the Web3, but it enables much more. In a nutshell, the metaverse means that most interactions happen through 3D immersive experiences. Owning and trading digital goods is central and we will find ourselves more and more in virtual worlds. Thanks to better and also cheaper technologies, the creation of these worlds has become much more affordable and have also improved significantly in quality over the last few years.

2. NFT: Hype and Reality at the same time

Just as much as there is talk about the metaverse, there is also talk about NFTs. NFTs are digital proof of ownership of intangible goods. These goods are usually unique and cannot be replaced by an identical good. Through blockchain technology, the owner of the token can be uniquely proven and easily transferred. Examples of NFTs include domain names, objects in computer games or digital works of art.

Publishers have also begun to experiment with NFTs and use them to increase the connection to their own brand. For example, the American magazine TIME published its first decentralised magazine on an NFT in March. Already in 2021, it published an NFT collection called TIMEpieces with the artwork of 40 artists. In an interview, TIME‘s president, Keith A. Grossmann, said that they wanted to “explore the boundaries of how they could offer unique opportunities and value to their own readers.”

NFTs are hype and reality at the same time. At the Digital Growth Summit we want to discuss the question of how much sense it makes for publishers to invest in these new technologies. How much is there to the hype around NFTs? What are the opportunities? Network with other publishers and share your experiences and plans in Web3.

3. Video: Text is King but what role does Online Video play?

Digital newspapers are now more than just text. Publishers want to invest more and more in the production of videos, but can they really win new subscribers and does the work pay off in the end?

Many publishers have been present on YouTube for years and have a large number of subscribers. The channels of Le Monde and The Economist have over a million subscribers and you can find supplementary explanation videos to the current articles. TikTok has also become an important video platform for publishers. Next to short videos with supplements and explanations, you can also find sketches showing the work in a newsroom or the news in a humorous way. Videos expand the possibilities of storytelling and can go deeper into topics. In addition, videos can provide more presence on social platforms and appeal to a younger target group.

At this year’s Digital Growth Summit we want to discuss what a good video strategy can look like and identify where there are still opportunities for the news industry.

4. Audio: The Future of Podcast and Audio articles

The latest Reuters Digital News Report stated that in an average of 20 countries, 34% of people have listened to a podcast in the last month. Just like videos, podcasts can offer a good supplement to the normal daily newspaper and are particularly popular among the under 30s. Podcasts have the big advantage that they are ideal for multitasking. During a time where everybody claims to be busy, news podcasts can easily be combined with activities such as running or cooking and can relieve boredom, but also save you time.

The number of different podcasts is increasing every week, so it’s no wonder that publishers are trying to expand their audio strategy even further. Adding audio articles to your edition can be a great way to take the edition to the next level. Offering them as a subscription-only feature could be a great tool to push people past the paywall.

BeyondWords, an AI voice and audio platform found that subscribers who listen to AI audio articles often consume more content than non-listeners and are also more likely to return and develop habits.

5. Apps: The importance of mobile for the consumption of news

Publishers should not underestimate the importance of mobile and how important their own app is for keeping subscribers. The Reuters Report stated that the smartphone continues to be the most used digital device to access the news. Therefore a simple and well-functioning app should be the base for publishers digital strategies. There they can showcase all their content and not compete with others’ posts, which can easily be distracting.

In the US, people spend an average of 3 hours and 41 minutes on apps and the trend is rising. Mobile phones are a constant companion, especially for younger generations, while tablets and computers have their place at home. With a good app designed for mobile, publishers can be present in the morning directly after waking up or in waiting times, apps can become especially valuable to readers.

The event for new ideas, inspiration and joint products

In addition to exciting talks and discussions from various speakers who share their expertise with us, the Digital Growth Summit is a unique opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas. The news industry is undergoing incredible change and faces entirely new challenges. Finding common solutions and highlighting best practices is a central part of the Digital Growth Summit. We expect publishers from all over Europe and the US, all highly motivated to learn, grow and experiment.

Prepare to be inspired.

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