Digital-only transitioning, mobile ad revenue, and generative AI: Twipe’s Weekly News Digest

Welcome to Twipe’s Weekly News Digest! This week, we take a look at stories from across the world of publishing and news tech, touching on topics like the transition towards a digital-only publication, the use of generative AI within the industry, the significance of mobile ad revenue, and more. Read our top 5 stories of the week below.

1. 6 learnings from the FT Strategies Summit

Last week, FT Strategies and Google News Initiative (GNI) invited over 150 news media executives to London for an exclusive summit discussing News In The Digital Age. Key takeaways from the event include a focus on the long term sustainability of newspapers, how to set a path towards scaling for growth, and the importance of innovative multimedia storytelling.

Read the full write up of the event here.

2. Alabama Media Group shares their insights from transitioning to a fully digital product

Alabama Media Group has fully transitioned its four print newspapers into The Lede, a fully digital, subscriber-only e-edition. How this was done and the careful methods behind making this work are explained in this article by The Lenfest Institute. Addressing themes such as staff reorganisation and audience communication, this is a look behind the scenes of this digital transformation.

Read the full article here.

3. The use of generative AI presents itself as a cost saving tool for publishers

Coming at a time of rising costs, the proliferation of generative AI technologies may have come at just the right time for publishers. Assembling statements from the likes of Gannett and The Arena Group, Digiday focuses on how AI is likely to be used by prominent publishers as both a revenue tool and a cost reduction tool. Keeping in mind recent jumps from the likes of Chat-GPT, this topic has become increasingly relevant.

For the full story, read the article here.

4. The future of ad revenue lies within mobile apps

With mobile apps generating more revenue than ever previously, it becomes harder and harder to ignore their impact. Ranging from streaming to gambling, mobile ad revenue has never been more pervasive. The question is raised: what opportunities are available for publishers within this sphere?

To read the full insight from INMA, click here.

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5. The Independent’s decision to become digital-only has paid off

Speaking with Chief Data and Marketing Officer at The Independent, Jo Holdaway, INMA is able to report on the journey to digital-only from one of the UK’s major publishers. Detailing the reader revenue journey and the conditions that pushed this transition forward, key insights are delivered as to how The Independent was able to successfully position itself for the future.

Read the full article here.


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