February 5, 2020

Habit Formation Canvas for News Media Products

A tool to design habit forming news products

Based on the research we conducted for the third chapter of our series “Reinventing Digital Editions“, we developed the first Habit Formation Canvas for News Media Products. You can download the Canvas Template below including two examples that can help you better understand this powerful tool. If you want to know more about how to use it or would like to bring this knowledge to your organisation contact us. Interested in learning more about the power of habit formation? Read our in-depth guide now!

Simple and Intuitive

The perfect tool to help Product Teams design habit forming news products.

Based on the Latest Research

Research and Insights from industry experts combined into a practical framework.

Complete with Practical Examples

Get started with the Habit Formation Canvas with two examples.

Download the Full Report for More Insights

In the latest chapter of our Reinventing Digital Editions research series, we bring an essential understanding of habit formation for news consumption on digital platforms. Forming habits and recurring behaviour are key underlying drivers for publishers to build a sustainable subscription business.

Through interviews with leaders of habit-formation at The New York Times, SchibstedThe TelegraphNews UKThe Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, and more, this report provides best practices for publishers interested in increasing reader frequency. The whole report can be downloaded here.

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