KULeuven students 2nd in 4L Trophy 2015

Established in 1997 upon the initiative of Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Rennes, 4L Trophy is a humanitarian rally that only students can join with Renault 4 cars. Its objective is to drive across the Moroccan desert to provide children with school supplies.

Twipe sponsored the Belgian Team STAX, derived from STanislas van der Vaeren and mAXime Bossens, two last year students at the Catholic University of Leuven (KULeuven). With the help of Twipe and some other sponsors the 4L Trophy drivers were able to deliver more than 50-ton of school and sport material. To their own suprise Team STAX ended second in the overal classification of 1.200 teams! “The challenge was not to finish first, but to find the shortest route. With only a roadbook, a compass and a map of Marokko… not an easy task! We went 100% for the adventure, driving through the middle of nowhere with high risks of getting stuck” says Maxime Bossens of Team STAX.

“Congratulations to Team STAX! Both for supporting the Moroccan kids and the result of their project. As a company based in Leuven, close to the Catholic University, we are always open to help students with great ideas” concludes Danny Lein, Founder & CEO of Twipe.

You can read more about their adventure on the Team STAX website:



Danny Lein
Twipe Founder & CEO

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