Ouest-France the first to join the Twipe NextGen Certified Developer Program

Claudio, Danny, Matthieu and Razvan grant Alexandre Lévêque his NextGen Certified Developer certificate

Alexandre Lévêque, a recently graduated Software Engineer is Ouest-France first NextGen Certified Developer. During the past four days Razvan and Claudio boosted Alexandre knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Alexandre is now able to design and develop his own templates. He will bring his skills back home to Ouest-France were he is part of the L’édition du soir team.

Create your own templates

With a NextGen Certified Developer in house publishers can use their full creativity to design, create and develop their own engaging templates. Twipe is anxious to see more publishers join our NextGen Certified Developer Program. Are you looking to create your own templates? Do you want to become a NextGen Certified Developer?


Danny Lein
Twipe Founder & CEO

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