My Twipe Days 2.0

My Twipe Days539

At Twipe, every 6 months, we take 2 days off from our day-to-day jobs and projects, and develop new amazing ideas. We call these: ‘My Twipe Days’, as it is about all Twipees, our ideas and what makes us happy at work. The management team meets at another location so we have complete freedom. Everyone is encouraged to take initiative, speak up their ideas, have fun and work with the team. Last week we’ve had our second edition, ‘My Twipe Days 2.0’, and we are happy to declare it a great success.

The ‘kicker-off’ meetingMy Twipe Days621

Well prepared, with a very long list of ideas we want to work on. With a plan on how to keep us focused, we started the day with an intense round of the most favourite game in the office: table soccer or ‘kicker’ as it is called in Belgium.

All happy, some victorious, others less victorious, after the kicker game we started the day with our daily standup. Since our brains work better in the presence of oxygen and vitamin D,  we’ve had the “what’s the plan?” meeting outside, to the delight of everyone and the sure envy of all the other companies around.

“Many things can be done, but let’s focus on three main, bigger tasks that we can prototype and demo” (Gilles)

We have a plan

We planned to stick to 3 ideas to make sure we had something to show at the end. These are the projects we have been working on:My Twipe Days623

  1. More automated testing
  2. Improved customer service tools
  3. Discovery of future AI technologies

Aside from these more technical orientated projects, we organised some knowledge sharing moments through workshops and one-to-one trainings. This on subjects that are currently not actively used within Twipe but keeps us sharp as employees. We ended the first day with a very exciting team building activity and with a well deserved, good dinner. On the second day we continued working on our ideas and prepared a video report about ‘My Twipe Days 2.0’.

It’s been two great days of team work, awesome ideas, hard work and good fun. We are proud to announce that we’ve convinced the management team to pick up all our ideas prototyped during ‘My Twipe Days 2.0’. Keep tuned to hear more about them.

To the next great adventure… 

My Twipe Days574

Team Twipe

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