Reasons why your ePaper should be part of your 2017 strategy


2016 is almost over – some might say finally – so we are looking over the horizon into next year and what publishers should include in their strategic planning of 2017. We were gathering our experience and knowledge and want to share reasons why your ePaper should be part of your 2017 digital strategy.

1. ePapers increase the value of your product bundle

Offering your readers multiple channels of consumption creates value. Your ePaper also builds up the awareness of your brand. Use your ePaper as an opportunity to position or reposition your brands and generate new subscribers.

2. ePapers increase subscriber retention

Subscribers that read not only your print product but also your digital publication, are more happy with the total product and show a lower churn rate. Happy subscribers = Loyal subscribers = Happy subscribers

3. ePapers help activate your print subscribers

Lead your print subscribers to new platforms and have them become more satisfied through new reading experiences while you benefit of more happy and loyal subscribers (see point 2).

4. Growth potential

The number of digital readers shows robust growth. If we look at the performance of digital publications in Germany below, more of your readers are deciding to read the newspaper on mobile devices and PCs every year.

Source: Auflagenstatistik der ZMB

Source: Auflagenstatistik der ZMB

5. Measurable impact

ePapers give you the possibility to measure the performance of your print content. You are able to check which articles are doing well and where you are losing readers’ interest. You can segment your readership (eg per device or OS) and target them for marketing and activation purposes.

“One strategic reason to have a digital newspaper, which is often underestimated and not mentioned enough, is the ability to measure the impact of articles. And on that basis you can learn to make better choices and improve your product.”  GerBen van’t Hek, Deputy Editor in Chief at Noordhollands Dagblad 

6. They create new reading habits

Be where your reader is! Make it as comfortable as possible for your reader to access your publication. With automatic downloads and push notifications your edition is available on your morning commute or right from bed if you don’t want to step outside into the cold.

7. Don’t overcomplicate things

Drop elements that don’t add value. Your reader needs to be able to focus on the reading. Make it easy for your reader to read your publication. Clean up your features and rethink what is used and needed by your reader. The list of possible features is long. Learn what your reader actually needs and leave out the rest.



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