Recommendation algorithms, Silicon Valley relationship with news, and Fashion Matters: Twipe’s Weekly News Digest

Welcome to this edition of Twipe’s Weekly News Digest! Delve into the evolving landscape of the publishing sector, recommendation algorithms, the effectiveness of newsletters, and Twipe’s partnership with MHS Digital. Here are our top 6 stories:

1. Using Recommendation Algorithms to Broaden User Taste: VRT’s approach

VRT, a public-service broadcaster in Belgium, experiments with a taste-broadening algorithm to diversify content exposure for its audience, countering the norm of engagement-maximising algorithms used by platforms like YouTube and Netflix.

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2. The Business of Fashion: A Newsletter Triumph at Financial Times

The Financial Times’ “Fashion Matters” newsletter, launched a year ago, has become a substantial success, boasting the highest open rates among all FT newsletters. The newsletter explores the business aspect of fashion, engaging readers with discussions on sustainability and ethics in fashion.

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3. Twipe and MHS Digital Partnership

Belgian news tech company Twipe partners with German publisher MHS Digital to launch an e-paper platform for titles under the Stuttgart Newspaper Group, aiming to enhance the digital reading experience with many novel features.

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4. Pricing Strategy: The Balance Between Subscription Rates and Conversion

An analysis suggests that although raising subscription prices may lower conversion rates, the increased revenue from existing subscribers, especially for large platforms like the New York Times, could outweigh the drop in conversions.

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5. The difficult relationship between Silicon Valley and news publishers

Major online platforms like Facebook, Twitter (now X), and Instagram are distancing themselves from news dissemination. This move, coupled with a decline in organic search reach, challenges publishers to explore alternative distribution channels like newsletters and other platforms to maintain engagement with their audience.

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6. Survey Unveils Media Literacy Deficit Amid AI-Generated Content Rise

Poynter’s MediaWise initiative highlights a lack of media literacy skills in the face of increased AI-generated content. Only a small percentage of people use tools like reverse image search to identify misleading images. Poynter recommends a three-step inquiry to address misinformation.

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Engage deeper with these stories to stay updated on the recent trends and developments in the publishing world. Until the next digest, keep exploring the narratives that shape the media landscape.


Carlo Prato
Digital Marketer

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