Welche Möglichkeiten haben Publisher in der erweiterten Realität?

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, das Metaversum. All diese Begriffe sind in den letzten Jahren immer bedeutender geworden und machen deutlich, dass uns eine neue Zeit des Internets bevorsteht. Neue Möglichkeiten tun sich auf und Publisher müssen sich jetzt darauf vorbereiten. Wie kann man sich auf diese neue Art des Konsums anpassen? Wir haben den letzten[…]

Warum Sie eine GenZ Strategie entwickeln sollten und wie Sie damit beginnen

Die Generation Z rückt immer mehr in den Fokus von Nachrichtenagenturen. Besonders für Verleger ist diese Zielgruppe eine herausfordernde. Denn wer diese erreichen will, muss kreativ werden und offen dafür sein sich ständig zu verändern. Wir geben drei Gründe, warum es notwendig ist für die neue Generation an seinem Konzept zu arbeiten und geben drei[…]

Are there opportunities for publishers in the Metaverse?

Today, we dig into a topic that has been discussed a lot over the last few months yet still feels somewhat superficial: the Metaverse. We spoke with our own metaverse expert Manuel Bolognesi, who has been on an entrepreneurial journey commercialising goods and services in the metaverse for many years. Originally inspired by fiction through[…]

Nieman Lab’s predictions for 2022: our top picks

At the end of last year, Nieman Lab published a series of predictions for journalism in 2022. The fascinating collection gathered the views of more than 60 industry specialists. You can explore the full list on their website, but here are our top picks. Journalism R&D investment will drive success The news industry is way[…]

Most read stories from 2021

Each week at Twipe we analyse key trends in the world of news media and technology and how this can impact subscriber growth strategies. Explore the top 10 most read stories this year. Any feedback or topics you’d like us to cover next year? Let us know! 1. Learnings from the 2021 Reuters report In[…]

How to create an offer you can’t refuse for your audience

Discussing the importance of cultivating an audience, Steven Van Belleghem, Author and Thought Leader, Keynote Speaker at the upcoming Digital Growth Summit – The Next 10 years in News. Faster than real time news Let’s go back to 2010. Back then, when we talked about the future of news it was all about being authentic[…]

What can we do today to shape the next 10 years in news?

Written by Sam Guzik, Director of News Product for WNYC and a Foresight Affiliate at the Future Today Institute. Media writing in 2031 will look back and observe that 2021 was a seminal year in the history of media. As a pandemic rocked the economy, the early 2020s brought relative stability to publishers. The global[…]

How publishers can take the lead in solving misinformation

Publishers can take the lead in solving misinformation. In fact misinformation has been a focal point of many recent research reports in the publishing industry. Since the start of 2021, we have seen Trusted Web publish their report on the State of Misinformation and Reuters released their Listening to What Trust in News Means to[…]

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