Team Learning at Twipe – 2019

At Twipe we recognise the importance of stepping out of the everyday routine to align on our future priorities . That is why we recently spent three days at Le Moulin de Denée to strengthen the team’s bonds, to align with the company’s vision and to share exciting ideas.

Le Moulin Denée

We started on Wednesday with a scavenger hunt to get to the location, for which we were divided in 5 teams. It included almost 50 tasks to get points and we had to complete as many as we could to win the competition against the other teams and to have lots of fun ! In fact, while some tasks were designed to get us to step outside our comfort zone, many others required a good dose of creativity, such as “write an ode to thank your colleague Katrien”, or aimed at testing our problem solving skills. In the end, all the teams made it to Le Moulin de Denée and after declaring the winning team for the scavenger hunt we called it a day.

Task #34: Convince a stranger to wear Twipe sweater

After a good night sleep (and a wonderful breakfast), we started the day activities by gathering up to have a group discussion about the importance of having a growth mindset and how shared values and principles create high performing teams. But as Confucius once said “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” so it was time to jump into practice. We split up into five teams and played the Spaghetti Tower Challenge also known as the Marshmallow Problem. While it seems a simple task, it is far from easy to collaborate in an efficient way to build the highest tower and this game was a great opportunity to reinforce our design process, something we apply every day at Twipe: Thinking, Doing, Prototyping and Iterating.

The Winners of the Marshmallow Challenge

In the afternoon, we had a Peer Feedback Session, a moment that gives us the unique opportunity to have a genuine one-on-one exchange with our colleagues on what we appreciate of the other person and on what we can improve as teammates.

Picture of a High Performing Team

Later on the same day, the whole company worked on testing and reviewing one of our latest releases to make it even better. It is amazing to see how people with different perspective and different backgrounds can co-operate to design beautiful solutions. In the evening instead, we were amused by the Bramos and Hannes Show which, according to some rumours, will be released worldwide such it was its success.

Picture of a High Performing Team at Work

On the last day, we had an alignment session in the morning during which we set both short and long term goals for the company (and a big prize if we achieve them). We also held a so-called “The Town Hall” a one hour session in which everybody at Twipe can speak up and propose new ideas or improvements for our daily life at the office. Many proposals have been generated and approved. In the following weeks we will create teams to carry them forward.

In the last afternoon, we played one of the most hectic and crazy team games ever designed: Chain Reaction!
Again we were divided in teams but this time, despite being separated, we had to collaborate to build a domino-like chain with twists and turns.

The Chain Reaction Game

After the two days, we left full of energy and inspiration to keep up with the good work. We were able to get to know both our newer colleagues and the old ones, deepening the human bonds and the professional ones. We are now looking forward to achieve all the goals that we set for ourselves and to implement all the good initiatives we came up with at the Town Hall to have another fantastic year at Twipe.


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Riccardo Fredro
Sales & Incubation Team Leader

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